๐Ÿ“‚Setting up data

The next step is to train our AI models with your data. You can use your website to train our models.

The website could be your company website or support website. The bodt will use that data to answer queries from your customers.

Add Website

Simply add your website URL or sitemap URL on this screen to get started. Click on "Save & Fetch Links" to fetch all records from your website.

Train Model

We only show the first 50 links on your website. You can choose to train more links once we complete the onboarding.

At this stage, the onboarding module will fetch the first 50 links on your website. To start training our AI models, please chose the links and click on "Train Selected" as shown below.

At this point, the onboarding will move on to the next step

Please note that training our models incur charges to your account.

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