FAQs allow you to add custom content for your Bodt that may not be part of your other content sources. It also helps you provide focused solutions for specific user queries.

For eg. in an eCommerce store, you can use the same to redirect the user to a refund policy page if someone asks for queries related to refund or return product.


To set up a new group of FAQs, go to the source section in your project and click on "FAQs" to add a new set of FAQs. Add a title to this section, and press "Add Source".

Once you add the group, you can add individual FAQs to this group. Click on "Add Question". In the pop-up, add a question and respective answer to that query.

Once you save the question, it will be used to answer any subsequent user query via bodt automatically.

Edit FAQ

Edit an existing FAQ by simply clicking on the FAQ entry and providing an update questions or response.

Delete FAQ

Click on "Delete" button next to an FAQ and it shall be removed from the system to be used further


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