๐Ÿ’ณAccount Details

As part of the account setup, you will be required to choose a plan for your account and attach your card details.

We use Stripe as our billing partner to process all payments. We never store your card details with us for the security of your credit card.

Choose Plan

bodt.io offers two plans as of now

Pay as you Go

Flexible plan to start your journey with bodt.io. For $1 you get 25 pages (approx 50,000 words) of trainable content or 100 chat message replies.


The plan starts at $499/mon and offers reduced rates on the flexible plan that is $.85 for each unit.

Attach Card

Once you chose your desired plan, click on Attach a Card to link a credit card with your account. This will help us put charges on your account for the usage.

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