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Chat Widget

The Widgets Page serves as the central repository for all your widgets and chatbots. It offers a streamlined interface to manage, edit, and create new widgets.
To reach the Widgets Page, simply click on 'Widgets' located in the main menu.
Each widget can be updated. Users can make necessary modifications and save changes with ease.

Create a new Chat Widget

Users have the flexibility to create multiple chatbots, each tailored for different websites or purposes.
Clicking on the 'Add Widget' button will navigate users to the 'New Chat Widget' page, where the creation process begins.
Add a new chatbot from


You can customize the following settings of the bot
Bot Logo
Enter a URL that should be used as a logo for your widget. We recommend having an image that is square in shape (aspect ratio of 1:1)
Brand Color
Enter a color code (hex code) for your brand. If you are unsure how to find the color code for your brand, use a tool like to find the hex code of your desired color
Text Color
This is the color in which the text will appear in the header region of the bot widget
Welcome Message
This message is shown to all users who interact with your chatbot for the first time. Use this section to tell them about the magical bot on your website or promote your services.
Once you have configured all settings, click on 'Save'.


The last step of your onboarding journey is to embed the widget in your website. You can choose to either embed as a ChatBot or as an iFrame.


You need to copy the code and insert it before the </body> tag on your website. This will show the chatbot on your website where the user can interact with your data


If you would like to show a full-page iframe embedded for people to interact with your bot, copy the code in the iFrame section and add it anywhere on your webpage.
You can also share this code with your web developer, who can assist you in setting up this code on your website.
Embed a chatbot or iFrame from