The Billing Page offers clarity on payment methods, and billing details, and provides functionalities for updates and modifications to ensure smooth financial transactions.


Payment Method Users can view the current payment method linked to their account, be it a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or any other supported method.

Billing Details This section displays the details such as the Name and Address of the cardholder.

To reach the Billing Page, find Billing in the main menu under the 'Account' section. Clicking on 'Billing' will take you directly to the Billing Page.

Updating Payment Method and Billing Details

Adjacent to billing details and payment methods, users will find options to edit or update. This ensures that users can swiftly modify their financial details as required.

Users can also update their billing address to ensure accurate invoicing.

For any billing discrepancies or concerns, it's advisable to contact support promptly to address and resolve the issue.

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